The Narcotic Farm



A Film by
JP Olsen and Luke Walden

Produced, Directed and Written by
JP Olsen and Luke Walden 

Senior Producer
Ken Levis

Editor and Director of Photography
Luke Walden

Research and Reporting
JP Olsen
Robert Keating

Original Music and Narration
Brother Wayne Kramer

Assistant Editors
Jenny Chiurco
Mark Franks
JP Olsen

Consulting Editor
Toby Shimin

Editorial Consultant
Michelle Ferrari

On-line Editor
 Andy Pang

On-line Facility
Final Frame, New York

Graphics Designers
Paul Rosen
Amit Sethi

Sound Design
Jim Dawson

Sound Mixer and Engineer
Peter Levin

Narration Recordist
Tim Anderson

Sound Mix Facility
Splash Studios, New York

“John Henry,” Traditional, Performed by David Grisman and John Sebastian 

“Smitty’s Place,” Written and Performed by McCoy Tyner 

 “On A Misty Night,” Written and Performed by Tadd Dameron 

 “Chaque Heure est un Depart” Written by Krzysztof Komeda and Performed by Fat Kid Wednesday

“Kentucky” Written by Connecticut “Harty” Taylor and Performed by The Everly Brothers 

“Kentucky” Written by Harty Taylor and Performed by Karl and Harty 

“Milestones” Written and Performed by Miles Davis 

“Outside My Window” Written by Hal David and Sherman Edwards and Performed by The Fleetwoods 

“Magic Potion” Written by Mike Brancaccio and Performed by The Open Mind

Music Supervisor
Margaret Saadi Kramer

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Legal Counsel
Chris Andaya
Michael Donaldson

David Walden

Special Thanks
Country Music Hall of Fame
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Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

The Narcotic Farm is a co-production of King Love Films and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

The Narcotic Farm is produced by King Love Films, LLC, and is solely responsible for its content

© 2008 King Love Films, LLC, all rights reserved.

The New York Council on the Arts
The Jerome Foundation
The Fund for Investigative Journalism
Managed Solutions
Experimental Television Center

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